Kaden Companies is one of the leading commercial real estate firms specializing in retail properties.

The Kaden Companies was founded in 1981 by Jim Karp and Bert Blieden during a time when real estate ownership and development was a challenging business due to historically high interest rates and difficult economic conditions. Combining their creativity and business ingenuity with their positive outlook and attitudes laid the foundation for the company's success. The company remains true to the work ethic and conservative business practices of Jim and Bert. Today, as The Kaden Companies progress under the leadership of Mark Blieden, the strong values and real estate principles championed by the company's founders remain.  

While Kaden’s most recognized property is the Kaden Tower, in Louisville, KY, The Kaden Companies has properties located throughout the country, with the company's focus on retail properties. Tenants find great success in the Kaden portfolio as much thought and effort is put into each property before development or purchase. Visibility, access, traffic, and quality construction are at the forefront when the principals are considering adding a property to the Kaden portfolio.   

The property attributes which are important to the potential retailer, business owner, and entrepreneur in finding a great location is also important to The Kaden Companies. This is the reason for the shared success by tenants and The Kaden Companies in what is regarded today as a challenging but rewarding business model.