Special Event Space In: Kaden Tower

Kaden Tower Civic Center (photo by JGuess)

Exterior of Civic Center (photo by JGuess)

Kaden Tower Civic Center (photo by JGuess)

Kaden Tower Civic Center (photo by JGuess)

Civic Center Stage

Civic Center Right Side

Civic Center Left Side

Civic Center Patio

Civic Center Exterior

On the Terrace at Ruth's Chris (photo by JGuess)

Special Amenities


  • Open alcohol & catering policies
  • Capacity of 150 seated
  • Tables and chairs available
  • Warming kitchen
  • Large coat room
  • Private entrance
  • Stage for entertainment
  • Free Parking
  • Easy access to expressways
  • 10 minutes to/from airport
  • 10 minutes to/from downtown

Kaden Tower Civic Center for Lease
Appx. 4,000 Sq Ft

The Kaden Tower Civic Center offers a perfect, upscale, unique location for your event needs. The room is circular with floor to ceiling glass overlooking a pool with three fountains. This room also contains a stage which is ideal for any type of entertainment you may desire. The pool is full all year long and provides a romantic backdrop to the room. This space is extremely versatile and can be quite breathtaking in the evening hours. Private restrooms, lobby, coat room, kitchen, and private entrance add the finishing touches to this truly unique room which is only limited by ones imagination.

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