Holiday Manor Updates

The Kroger at Holiday Manor is expanding 17,000 feet to provide additional services such as a wine & spirits shoppe, as well as a cheese shoppe, olive bar, and sushi island. Construction for the expansion is expected to be complete Fall of 2016, but the store will still be open and operating during the process.

Kaden is also doing some construction to the center to make it even better! We are building a new retail building which will include Starbucks, with a drive-thru, Moore Jewelry as well as new tenants such as AT&T. There is still space available, but it won’t last long. Construction is expected to be complete on the new building Winter 2015. We will also be doing a facade upgrade to the shopping center to modernize and enhance the center.

We are very excited for these changes and look forward to the expanded services and improved traffic flow that will result from it all!

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